Genbu-Kai UK

Karate, Kobudo and Batto-Do

Welcome to the new home of Genbu-Kai UK.

At Genbu-Kai UK we teach traditional Japanese martial arts in the forms of Karate-Do, Kobudo and Batto-Do and is run by Sensei Julian Mallalieu.

We are a part of Genbu-Kai International, founded by Shihan Fumio Demura.

For more information on our instructors please visit our Instructors page and for Contact information please visit our Who Are We? page.




Lil' Dragons

Along with our Karate-Do, Kobudo and Batto-Do classes, we also offer our Lil' Dragons program.

The Lil' Dragons classes run at our Tameside Dojos is a unique program developed for children ages 3½ to 6 years. This class, by design, is both fun and educational and utilises the curiosity and boundless energy inherent in young children.