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Genbu-Kai Europe Taikai 2017 - Barcelona

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 8:55 AM

All is back to normal in the dojo now following on from the Genbu Kai Taikai seminar in Sant Sadurni just outside of Barcelona last weekend 31st March - 2nd April. Although a few of us started the trip early by arriving in Barcelona on the Thursday to take in some of the sights and a chance to relax before the seminar.

Sant Sadurni is a small town just outside Barcelona about 40 minutes away by train and is home to many of the Cava wineries and vineyards in the region, including Freixenet.

The seminar was shared by the UK, Spain, Poland, Germany and Greece Genbu-Kai dojos and headed by Senseis:

  • Julian Mallalieu (UK)
  • Basilio Bessis (Greece)
  • Ricardo Romero (Spain)
  • Dirk Kather (Germany)

The seminar all started on the Friday evening with a Karate class where focus was on the Pinan katas, Jitte, jiroku, Matsumura Rohai and Gekusai Dai Ichi. A Kobudo class followed shortly afterwards with Kama, Bo and Eku-Bo. A gathering of about 40 people post-training at a local pizzeria helped to break the ice amongst everybody in attendance.

Saturday was an early one as it was a day with a full schedule! Karate was the starting class with Sensei Basilio starting with competition kumite techniques.

Next was Sensei Julian to take the helm with traditional karate focusing on basics, combination drills and techniques. A short break was endured by some but others went quite so lucky and had a small preparation session for their grading in the afternoon!

Afterwards was a Kobudo and Batto-Do class with Sensei Julian running the Batto-Do class. This consisted of the Kome katas and Toyama-Ryu katas.

A buffet style lunch was then kindly prepared by the families of the students of the Sant Sadurni dojo.

We then got stuck in to a good couple of hours of training working 3 kata.

  • Tomari Bassai (Sensei Dirk - Germany)
  • Sanseiru (Sensei Riccardo - Malaga)
  • Chatanyara Kushanku (Sensei Julian)

For some the training was over for the day... For others they had gradings! Karate, Kobudo and Batto-Do gradings in fact! The Karate gradings were all for Dan grades. I am pleased to say that all passed successfully. Awesome work!

In the evening all of the students involved in the seminar and some family members all joined together for the annual presentation evening. Presentations of Karate Shodan and Nidan were amongst the presentations as well as a grading in Suishin-Ryu Batto-Do.

The Karate grading results were as follows:

  • Xavi Araujo (Spain) - Nidan
  • Maciec Kozak (Poland) - Nidan
  • Michal Ozieki (Poland) - Nidan
  • Victor Zuriaga (Spain) - Shodan
  • Konrad Dobrynzki (Poland) - Shodan
Sensei Xavi Araujo also passed to Shodan in Suishin-Ryu Batto-Do!

Well done to all grading on the day! It was a long day and well deserved.

Sunday was a lighter day of training. Well... Except for Sempai Gareth (UK) who was the Uke for the day for all of the Senseis demonstrating the self defence techniques! Needless to say a few bruises and injuries have become apparent.

The training came to a close with a Kobudo class for some but the Batto-do Tamashigeri brought the crowds in! The cutting with a live katana sword. One of the highlights and enjoyed by all and a chance for everyone to really test what they had learnt.

The afternoon was a chance to unwind until the evening for a small gathering to share the last evening of the seminar together to sample some local Catalonian delicacies.

Monday brought about a day to enjoy the sights before the flights home and back to reality. Some stayed in Sant Sadurni to unwind whilst others headed in to Barcelona to use the tourist bus and get a whistle-stop tour of some of the tourist attractions that Barcelona had to offer. What a stunning sight the Unfinished Cathedral is!!

I would like to extend gratitude to Sensei Xavi (and everybody else involved) for organising the event. Can't think of anything that wasn't planned! Thanks also to everybody who attended and welcomed us and provided such a friendly environment. It is hugely appreciated.

Finally, I would also like to say thank you to those that took part and represented Tameside Karate on the seminar. It's been a fantastic weekend and can't wait for the next one!

Arigato Gozaimashita

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